1975 Mickey Mouse Club


This is a vintage Walt Disney’s “MICKEY MOUSE CLUB” LP, number 1392. It is 33 1/3 RPM and measures 12″.
Mousekedances and Other Mouseketeer Favorites Featuring 21 Hit Mouseketunes.
The cover has a colorful picture of Mickey, Donald Duck and Goofy watching the Mouseketeers.

The back of the cover has the names of the songs. Also has a colorful photos of the mouseketeers, Cubby playing the drums, Karen and Cubby, Jimmie Dodd and Annette and Spin and Marty.

Side I

1. Mickey Mouse club Opening March (dodd)
2. Fun with Music (Dodd-David-Hoffman-Livingston)
3. Today Is Tuesday (Dodd)
4. Anything Can Happen (Dodd)
5. Talent Roundup (George-Bruns)
6. Don’t Jump To Conclusions (Adair-Baker)
7. Do Mi So (Gayle-Salt-Bruns)
8. A Cowboy Needs A Horse (Howard-Mills)
9.”Triple R” Song (Jones)
10.Mickey Mouse March – The Mike Curb Congregation (Dodd)

Side II

1. The Mousekedance (Dodd)
2. Mickey Mouse Mambo (Dodd)
3. The Pussy Cat Polka (Dodd)
4. How Will I Know My Love (Adair-Walsh-Jeffords)
5. Mousekartoon Time (Dodd)
6. Happy Mouse (George-Smith)
7. Hi To You (Dodd-Skaaru-Glydmark)
8. Meetin’ At the Malt Shop (Adair-Baker)
9. Simple Simon (Adair-Dodd)
10. I’m No Fool (As A Pedestrian) (Dodd)
11. Stop, Look And Listen (George-Bruns)
12. Mickey Mouse March Theme (Alma Mater)-(Dodd)

CONDITION: Excellent condition. I would give this a 9 out of 10.

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