1957 Elvis Presley – Loving You


RCA Records. The July 1957 release of Elvis Presley’s Loving You album was in monaural only with catalog number LPM-1515. The album charted on the Billboard album chart for 29 weeks and spent 10 weeks at number one. The stereo releases were introduced in February 1962. Many guides depict variations in record labels, but there is very little information for collectors to reference when it comes to the covers, particularly the backs.This pictorial guide illustrates the differences between each release.

1. Mean Woman Blues (2:15) [Claude Demetrius]
2. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear (1:52) [Kal Mann – Bernie Lowe]
3. Loving You (2:15) [Leiber – Stoller]
4. Got a Lot O’Livin’ to Do! (2:34) [Aaron Schroeder – Ben Weisman]
5. Lonesome Cowboy (3:02) [Sid Tepper – Roy C. Bennett]
6. Hot Dog (1:12) [Jerry Leiber – Mike Stoller]
7. Party (1:27) [Jessie Mae Robinson]
8. Blueberry Hill (2:38) [Lewis – Stock – Rose]
9. True Love (2:07) [Cole Porter]
10. Don’t Leave Me Now (2:00) [Aaron Schroeder – Ben Weisman]
11. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (2:30) [Scott Wiseman]
12. I Need You So (2:40) [Ivory Joe Hunter]

CONDITION: Not much wear in cover but it has ripped out along the top. and some were along left side. Vinyl has scratched but they don’t seem to be very deep. Will need to play to be sure. I would give this between 6 and 7 out of 10.

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